With special guest Duke Kim, Business Development at Celsius and Kurt Bierbower, SVP of Business Development at GMO-Z.com Trust Company

Another week, another AMA :)

This week’s AMA started with a celebration of a few milestones and some announcements, including:

With special guest Trunshedda W. Ramos, VP, People and Nicholas Merten (DataDash)

Another week, another AMA!

👩‍💼 Special Guest, Trunshedda and Celsius HR

The AMA opened with an introduction from this week’s special guest, Trunshedda, who runs HR for the company and what they look for when recruiting. It was mentioned that Celsius is currently recruiting over 100 people and is looking for exceptional talent to support its growth, including improved customer support with improved metrics covered in a later part of the AMA. Celsius has grown from 99 staff members in 2020 to 150 at present, excluding contractors.

On a sidenote, Alex then spent a segment to comment on the predatory nature of traditional credit cards, the dangers of compounding debt interest…

With special guests Camilla, Global Head of Business Development and Danny Masters, Chairman, Coinshares

BTC passes $55k 🚀

It’s another great week in crypto with BTC passing the $55k milestone mad another Celsius AMA to tune in to. For those with limited time, time here are some key updates summarised.

💰 P.S. Scroll to the bottom for current Celsius promo and referral codes.

🚀 Introductory Updates

The AMA began with Alex talking through:

With Alex Mashinsky and Zach Wildes, Community Manager and Special Guest, Ashley Harell, VP, Finance and Operations

Alex Mashinsky, Founder and CEO of Celsius Network, Ask Me Anything (AMA)

🎉 A big week in crypto!

It has been a big week in crypto — Alex, founder and CEO of Celsius introduced the AMA by commenting on the market:


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